💉D•I•G•O•X•I•N 💉.

Class: Antiarrhythmic/Inotropics

To treat Heart Failure, A-Fib and Atrial Tach by increasing the force of myocardial contraction.

It increases cardiac output (positive inotrope) while also decreasing HR. —-> Basically increases the strength of the heat muscle so it doesn’t have to work as hard. ❤️💪🏼

⚠️Precautious ⚠️The risk of dig toxicity is very high in Hypokalemia ⬇️K+, Hypomagnesemia ⬇️Mg+ and Hypercalcemia ⬆️Ca++ so keep an eye on those electrolytes!!

Important Side Effects 🤢 - Bradycardia - AV Block - Nausea/Vomitting - Headache - Fatigue

🩺Nursing Considerations🩺

• HOLD if the apical pulse is <60 • ❗️Observe for signs of Toxicity ➡️nausea, vomiting, vision changes • Assess for signs of worsening HF (edema, crackles in the lungs • Therapeutic Range is 0.5-2ng/mL