Here' my top 5 nursing school resoures. I still use all of these to this day as a nurse!

#1 - Quizlet is amazing for when you want to study on the go or with a group! Set up questions as flashcards to test yourself and your classmates!

#2 - Pinterest has info on millions of topics, but you can search for specific nursing topics or NCLEX notes and infographics. I personally have all of my free resources available on pinterest.

#3 Khan Academy on Youtube - Have you ever asked a ton of questions in class, read the book, listened to the lecture and you STILL don't understand a topic? That was cellular respiration for me! I watched two Khan Academy videos on it and it made so much more sense! It's great for visual and auditory learners.

#4 - Davis Drug Guide - When I need to research or quickly look up a med, this is my go to! It is a paid resource, but if you buy the davis drug guide book online, you get access to the app as well! I scroll right down to the nursing considerations, that's the most useful part !

#5 - Medscape - The most detailed and comprehensive info on every disease and drug you could think of! This is what providers use to come up with a treatment plan. I love it because it helps me as a nurse understand what the options are for my patient so I can better answer their questions.