TPN Fast Facts

1️⃣ Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) is indicated when a patient cannot receive nutrition through their GI tract or if they are NPO for an extended period

2️⃣ TPN can only be administered through a central line and must have it’s own dedicated lumen. It’s not compatible with any other IV solution or medication 💉

3️⃣ There is a high risk of infection with TPN administration, so strict aseptic technique should be used 🧤

4️⃣ The nurse should assess the patient’s labs for rapid changes as this can be a sign of refeeding syndrome. Hypophosphatemia is the most common abnormality 🧪

5️⃣ TPN is administered continuously (over 24 hours) or it can be administered cyclically (over 12-18 hours) ⏰

6️⃣ TPN usually contains amino acids, electrolytes, dextrose, and vitamins. The concentrations are adjusted by a pharmacist based on the patients lab work 🥼